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sounds like a disaster flick. a killer storm takes aim at big u.s. cities but this is real. >> this is very real. hurricane sandy is posed to strike the east coast within hours. it's already wreaking havoc. monster waves. high winds and authority ies are taking no chances at this point shutting down a number of flights, subways, and trains in the greater northeast and eastern sea board as well. >> we have team coverage on hurricane sandy in just a minute. >> but, first how about those giants? they are storming their way through the post season all the way to another world championship. >> got him looking. and the giants have won it all. >> they sure did. the giants completed the sweep of the tigers with a 4-3 winner in 10 innings. let the champaign go. most of the celebrations in san francisco were peaceful, some turned violent after the game ended. a number of fires were set in the streets of the
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mission district. kate is there now with the latest. >> she's checking the mess the fans left behind. there was debris in the street behind you earlier. >> reporter: it's still there right now. if you take a look, that charred remains of last night's celebration still here in the mission district. officers put down flairs so drivers can see where these pile of debris are. turned to mayhem here in the mission district. officers tried to disperse thousands of fans. fires to trash cans, couches and newspaper racks. officers told fans that were still here they were unlawfully assembling and needed to leave. you can see the violence from up above. chopper 5 got these shots of the mission district. some firefighters needed to be he is supreme courted to put out these flames. back out live here, we don't know when this debris will be moved out. we've seen the
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officers relight these flairs so people know they are in existence. on coming with traffic that you don't run into them. as far as arrests from last night's violent celebrations, one was made early this morning but don't have the total numbers on that. cbs 5. >> not all the celebrations in san francisco turned violent. check out these fans around at&t park. they were peaceful. thousands of fans gather ed to watch the game together on a jumbotron. the crowd went wild as the giants finished the sweep. >> feels good man. two in three years . you know what it is. >> we did it! yeah! >> oh, my god this is amazing. we deserve this win . this is great. go giants! >> everyone's so excited. there were fire works to mark the win. chestnut street in the city was
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another place the fans gathered. hundreds of people gathered there for peaceful celebrations. >> kids aren't going to school today. just a thought there. the giants are getting ready for a happy flight home after the win over the tigers last night. they were tied up from the 10th. ryan on second. and marco delivering a two out hit. 4-3 lead. and put the big guy surgio on the mound. took care of the tigers 1, 2, 3. they win it 4-3. >> i couldn't be prouder of these guys. to be world champions in two out of the last three years, it's amazing. >> after their celebrations last night, the giants will fly out of detroit in just a couple hours. arrive at sfo around 3:00 this afternoon. and the celebrations will continue through wednesday. halloween,
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by the way. here in san francisco, a big parade. it will start at 11:00 in the morning. the team will make its way to the civic center plaza. we've got all things giants including world series gear. head to our web site some developing news in san jose, more than three dozen firefighters fought a two alarm fire early this morning. crews alled could you tell just before 4:00 this morning. smoke pouring out of an abandoned gymnastics facility. firefighters had to force their way through a gate surrounding the building. the fire is suspicious in nature. investigators still trying to determine a cause. >> hurricane sandy continues to move toward the east coast. it's expected to combine with two other storm systems and already prompted shut downs of schools, financial markets and mass transit, we have team
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coverage. lawrence tracking sandy's path. sfo with the ripple affect. let's go to susan on the coast of delaware. good morning, susan. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. we're right on the shore. the brunt of it is supposed to hit not for another 12 to 18 hours. and the only people you really see here are reporters, couple stragglers and emergency workers and that's it. most of the folks here have packed up and heeded the advice of the officials here and packed up their things and they are taking advantage of that mandatory evacuation and heading out of town. >> conditions along the coast have been steadily getting worse. >> it is strengthening. 85 miles per hour and more importantly the pressure is continuing to fall. that is a very low pressure. 946 mili bars. sandy is going to strengthen more. >> officials say time is running out to get to safety.
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>> if you haven't gotten ready, your window is closing right along the coast. there's time inland. but the biggest thing, once this storm starts impacting, stay off the roads. >> as hurricane sandy moves in, most folks have heeded the mandatory evacuation orders and moved out. many left here still wondering how much damage this storm can do and if they are ready. >> i don't think people are as prepared as they should be. >> mary lives near the beach and her brother is a meteorologist. >> he says don't underestimate the hype. >> further up the coast, officials predict a storm surge of 11 feet could hit new york city. as a result, 375,000 new yorkers have been ordered to evacuate flood proned manhattan. >> we to to pack all of our stuff and leave. >> new york's subway and bus systems have been shut down. airlines have canceled thousands of flights scheduled for today.
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>> i'm trying to get to greensboro, north carolina. >> president obama toured fema headquarters and says the federal government is standing by to provide any assistance it can. >> reporter: i hope you can get a sense here of just how huge these waves have become. they have broached the board walk. the water is under the hotels and restaurants. it's quite an indication of how much this water is going to be piling up later. >> no kidding. and we know a lot of power outages are expected. anything in that area so far? >> reporter: no. all the power is still on for now. but there is a lot of anticipation, there are going to be rolling blackouts. and utility crews are out here trimming trees trying to keep the power lines clear. when this water really starts moving inland, if there's wind, could topple the trees and bringing down the power lines. >> okay.
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stay safe out there. susan live in delaware. thank you. >> hurricane sandy is affecting air travel worldwide even at sfo. all flights have been canceled for the next 48 hours. elissa over at sfo speaking with some of the travellers. have most of them gotten the warning or are some surprised? >> reporter: most travellers did get a warning. people got e-mail blast and phone blasts from the different airlines that did have to cancel to and from the east coast. here about 150 #234r50ig9s have been canceled so far because of that storm. many of those with the carrier's united and virgin america. hurricane sandy is bringing air travel to the east coast to a standstill for the next 48 hours. all flights to and from boston, jfk, nework, philly, baltimore and washington d.c. are canceled.
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also red-eye flights to jfk and boston. here's a look at those. flying out of the oakland airport flight 90 and flight 318. also out of san jose, flight 472 and flight 174. also a lot of the airplanes are stored in the affected east coast cities so that is slowing down air travel as well. anybody who is flying today even if you are not flying to the east coast, double-check your flight status well ahead of time. if anything has changed, don't come to the airport. call the airline or go online to make changes. cbs 5. #12k3w4r i think a lot of folks that were hoping to get to the east coast might be here for the parade on wednesday. a while before all those flights catch up. >> we've been talking about this storm all morning long. >> maybe the 50s. i was looking back in records, maybe back to the 30s before they even
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named storms. it is a big system moving toward the bay area. right now, category one hurricane approaching the coastline. a lot more folks live along the coastline. could be more devastating is very real. as it winds its way up. the last few frames here, begins to jog to the left. that's the turn we've been waiting for. sustained winds at 85 moving north northwest at 20. very low pressure with the storm system. 175 miles that is a large system. and tropical storm force out 500 miles. a lot of problems over a large area that moves on shore. tracking near new jersey tomorrow morning early on coming on as a category 1 and that storm surge. and unfortunately, new york harbor is in the sweet spot for a strong storm surge. 8 to 11 feet.
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that is going to cause massive flooding. and it begins to trickle its way in to the northern states. problems all along the way. tomorrow morning is the way to watch. going to be a devastating tomorrow system. more on your local weather coming up. >> you can see a lot of fog in our traffic cameras. one of our local weather stories. you can see it towards the bay bridge. there is delays traffic wise. you'll notice in the cash and fast track lanes. we're starting to see those delays in the middle lanes as well as the outer cash lanes. only about fieven minutes or so to get you on to the bridge. these delays are going to continue to grow. here's a live look where you can see the fog has moved in here as well. this is 880 and 237. silicon valley commute. 237 between 880 and 101, 7 minutes. free and clear. live look heading out of san francisco near candle stick.
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continues to move well towards sfo. looks good on 280 as well. that is a check of your time-saver traffic. back to you guys. >> time now is 6:12. someone in the bay area could be $13 million richer. where the lucky lottery ticket was sold. >> and a dream vacation turning into a nightmare. how hurricane sandy ruined a disney cruise coming your way. >> live pictures from atlantic city. how the massive storm surge is being felt. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it was an unwanted disney type thrill ride for damages on a -- passengers on a disney cruise. the ship ran into high seas. shot this video as the
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ship sailed near miami. the ship tilted so far the furniture moved across that room. the crew did the best it could considering the circumstances. disney offered passengers a discount on a future cruise. >> how about a free ride for life. >> how about free dramamine. that would be so krar scary. that storm system, they will continue to have problems here the next 24 to 36 hours. what a devastating storm it can be. we have patchy dense fog early on. that's our main concern. throughout the day, that will begin to lift and by the afternoon, lots of sunshine and comfortable weather. 60s and 70s inside the bay. a few lingering clouds. high pressure remains in place sticking around. rainfall in that direction. but we are going to stay dry at least for the time being. that could change though as we get into wednesday as this
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system begins to develop off the coastline. showers for halloween. sfo looking okay right now. afternoon sunshine. if you plan on traveling around the country, not too bad in houston. chicago checking in at 50 with partly cloudy skies. rain, thunder storm, wind. around the bay, temperatures running up to 70s in toward morgan hill. 74 in san jose. 65 in pacific a. 67 in san francisco. and 76 in santa rosa. next couple days cool the temperatures down. a chance for a few showers into the evening hours on halloween. looks like lingering showers into thursday. dry weather returns friday and into the weekend. let's check on the roads with elizabeth. >> we're starting to get busier traffic. we just called chp and no big incidents out there. accident wise, we're doing
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great. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. you are cruising out of hayward heading towards the high rise and foster city. similar stories through the dublin inter change. and show you the commute direction. this is it westbound 580. not too bad even though you can see a few break lights towards 680. this is your usual slow down. to our maps, i can show you a drive time, 21 minutes now. stop and go from 205. lawrence mentioned fog. it is thick in spots this morning along the coastline. live look at the golden gate bridge. these headlights are heading toward the toll plaza. so far, no delays. it's a nice trip for your drive time through marin county. east bay, 880 through oakland, little harder to see the tail lights. pretty smooth out towards downtown.
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that is your time-saver traffic. traffic and weather together every ten minutes. >> 6:19 now. police in oakland are busy investigating four shootings. the first after 5:00 yesterday afternoon on hillside avenue. the only death at this point is the latest shooting on 9th avenue. the first two are in critical condition. >> california highway patrol will start deploying officers to help oakland and stockton. allow the local police departments to increase patrols in high crime areas. high crime has been on the rise. looking into the possibility of federal funds to help offset the cost. >> help is also on the way in san jose where the fire department needs extra staffing. today 33 new recruits will begin a year and a half of training. that's the largest recruiting class ever for the city. a
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federal grant is helping pay for the new hires. if all goes as planned, this will bring the number of firefighters up to 683 close to the level before the recent layoffs. a water emergency is over on treasure island. the water stopped flowing when a water main broke friday night after they got it fix they still recommended boiling water before drinking it. now the water is safe but people should flush their pipes out before using it. someone hit a $13 million super lotto plus jackpot and the winning ticket was purchased in san francisco. >> the winning numbers were drawn saturday night and they were 38, 36, 14, 5, 47 and the meganumber, 18. the winning ticket was sold at the best food produce store at stockton street and broadway here in the city. start looking. >> 6:20 right now. may be the giant's biggest fan. the woman who flew halfway around the world to see them win. >> it was the hit that helped
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lift the giants to the big win. play of the day when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dense fog has settled in over the bay area. be careful. visibility less than a quarter mile. more on the weather and coverage of sandy coming up. >> don't look now but the raiders are a game shy of first place. they beat the chiefs on the road yesterday. arrowhead was the place. up 16-9. hits hayward bay on my fantasy team. 32 yards. oakland beat the chiefs by final score 26-16.
6:25 am
second straight victory. puts them in the tie for second. >> i was watching two games last night. >> i think you were watching more of one game but we'll leave it at that. >> back to the world series. there was a handful of giant's fans to see their team win the world series firsthand. >> they were loud but out numbered by disappointed tiger's fans. if you think bay area to detroit trip is a long one, wait until you hear this woman's journey. >> came from afghanistan and i got to see them win. >> she grew up in santa cruz and works for the uso. hieratic et about $4,000. >> priceless. >> worth everything. play of the day. world series game winning.
6:26 am
what a stud he was. knocks in the game winning run here in the 10th. as you know by now, they hung on to win. >> worked out. >> would have been the mvp if it weren't for the panda. >> it was a fun week. 6:26 now. coming up, it's a storm of massive proportions. >> hurricane sandy is pounding the east coast this morning. how it's affecting flights around the country and right here in the bay area. >> and giant's celebrations turn ugly in one san francisco neighborhood. show you the aftermath and tell you more about the clean up. [ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking.
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. >> good morning, everyone. it's monday october 29th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. bracing for a big knockout. >> and giant's fans go wild for world champs. those stories and more in morning minutes. >> got them looking and the giants have won it all. >> a clean sweep in detroit. the giants are coming home world champs again. >> thousands of fans in this intersection. >> celebrations turned to chaos on the streets of san francisco. >> at this point we know or confirmed one arrest has been made. we don't know, there could be more. >> hurricane sandy moves in
6:31 am
with 50 million people in its path. >> many people have moved out heeding the warnings. >> you better do what they say. the ocean shows you no mercy. >> people going to the airport can expect multi area delays across the country. >> all here for work and planning to go back after the weekend and got stranded. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning. >> good morning, everyone. the giants about ready to board a plane and return home as world series champs for the second time in three years. >> much more on the victory and all of the celebrations in san francisco in just a few minutes. but first, we want to get to hurricane sandy. a super storm that's expected to slam the east coast sometime tonight. >> it is a monster. we've got team coverage of the approaching storm and its affects. >> more on the flight
6:32 am
cancellations and bay area airports. let's go to susan live in delaware. good morning, susan. >> reporter: good morning. this area conditions have deteriorated. the rain has let up a bit. the wind is picking up. the waves are huge here. hard to find any people except for news crews, emergency personnel. most of the folks have packed up and left. >> conditions along the coast have been steadily getting worse. >> it is strengthening. 85 miles per hour and more importantly, this pressure is continuing to fall. that is a very low pressure. 946 mili bars. strengthen even more as it approaches the coast. >> time is running out to get to safety. >> if you haven't gotten ready, your window is closing along the coast. there's time inland. the biggest thing is once
6:33 am
this storm starts impacting area, stay off the roads. >> as hurricane sandy moves in, most folks have heeded the mandatory evacuation orders and moved out. still many left here still wondering how much damage this storm can do and if they are ready. >> i don't think people are as prepared as they should be. >> mary lives near the beach and her brother is a meteorologist. >> he says don't underestimate the hype. >> further up the coast, officials predict a storm surge of 11 feet could hit new york city. >> there's a mandatory evacuation for this zone. >> as a result of 375,000 new yorkers have been ordered to evacuate flood proned lower manhattan. >> we have two little kids and leave. >> the subway and bus systems have been shut downs. airlines have canceled thousands of flights scheduled today. >> i'm trying to get to greensboro, north carolina. >> the federal government is standing by to provide any assistance it can.
6:34 am
>> reporter: and here the waves have already covered the beach, destroyed the fencing around it and crashing up on the board walk and headed underneath the hotels and restaurants. and the water will be headed inland. >> susan, stay dry. thanks for that live report. >> the disruption of air travel extends to the bay area. departing and arriving from 6 eastern airports have been canceled for the next 48 hours. elissa is at sfo. she's been tracking this all morning long. we are hearing about delays from sfo and oakland international as well. let's get to her right now. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. we've been talking about people trying to travel to and from the east coast but i just spoke with a woman inside who is trying to get to boise. her flight was canceled because the airline was waiting for a plane or equipment from the east coast. so now she's waiting to reschedule her
6:35 am
flath. basically, anybody who is flying today check your flight status. here's some video of what it looks like inside of airports while this storm is getting ready to get the east coast. 150 flights have been canceled in and out of sfo. many of those with the carriers united and virgin america. boston, jfk, nework and washington d.c. are canceled. the airline has canceled flights at other bay area airports. flight 90 to jfk and 318. out of san jose, flight 472 to boston and 174 to jfk. i got a chance to speak with travellers and the spokesman of sfo. they are ready for storms like this and working to reschedule flights. >> i heard that on the news
6:36 am
people were getting stopped. i'm like oh, god i hope that doesn't affect us. >> are airlines cancelling all of their flights along the east coast. washington d.c., new york and boston area. and thus far today, all of those flights from san francisco and back have been canceled as a result of the weather. >> help avoid some of the chaos, airlines have been sending out phone blasts and e-mail blasts letting people know if their flights have been canceled. if you come here and your flight is canceled, asked to give the airline a call. airports are going to be pretty packed while this storm gets ready to hit the east coast. cbs 5. #12k3w4r thank you. might take a whole week for this thing to fix itself. a lot of the flights that come out here are used for flights this afternoon and out of the bay area. going to take some time. >> i hope a lot of people get on their flights soon. all right. lawrence. >> they are going to be cleaning up for weeks, maybe months.
6:37 am
talking about a devastating storm making its way on shore in the northeast today. some of the rainfall making its way inland and heavy rainfall. starting to affect much of the eastern sea board on and off the atlantic. finally jogging to the left. that's what we've been waiting for. make its way on shore. you can see the heavy rainfall along the coastline. still a category one hurricane. 85 miles per hour. it's not the -- it's the size of the storm. large system moving on through. expected to make land fall. and work its way up into the northeast. this is one of our latest computer models. it wants to speed up the storm. this is showing you winds. hurricane force winds extending outwards about 175 miles from the core. tropical storm force about 500 miles. you can see the core of the storm system almost a bull's-eye in atlantic city. new jersey. but look at those winds well to the north
6:38 am
from virginia on up through the carolinas and up into connecticut and new hampshire. then it moves on shore beginning to weaken towards tuesday. but then again, all the rain to deal with and all the flooding. it is going to be one big mess. for more on traffic around the bay area, let's talk to elizabeth. >> i think people were sleeping in a little bit. now we're finally starting to see delays. the metering lights have been turned on. now it's backing up beyond the over crossings a good ten minutes up the bridge and over the incline. elsewhere to our maps and other live traffic cameras, the fog could be an issue. this is a live look. 880 and 237. brake lights coming around that bend westbound 237 ride. more thick fog visibility going to be an issue across the deck of the golden gate bridge. coastline and through marin county.
6:39 am
mass transit if you want to avoid the fog. everything is off to a great start. ace 1, muni or ferries. brake lights through 580. drive time five minutes. that is traffic, back to you guys. >> thank you, much. 6:29 now. the -- 6:39 now . win their second world series in three years. most of the celebrations here in san francisco were peaceful, some turned violent. a number of fires set on the streets to the mission district and cbs 5 reporter checking in now with some of the damage left behind. >> reporter: that damage actually is about to be cleared out as you can see. clean up crews are just getting work on scooping all of this debris that's left here. the pile is one of many along the road they've been working to clean
6:40 am
up. going to push that out of the way just any moment now. thousands of giant's fans filled out on to the streets just after the game setting small fires to couches, signs and newspaper racks. police were dressed up in full riot gear. firefighters had to be escorted by officers to fight these fires. from chopper five, you can see those flames from up high and just before 1:00 this morning, some fans were still out here and officers told them they were unlawfully assembling and needed to leave. taking a look here back out live, you can see they are just about to hall away all of that debris. it is causing traffic delays have set up flairs to make sure people can see as they are coming through this area. take note if you are driving up near the mission
6:41 am
district. we know one arrest made early this morning but we don't have a full total just yet. cbs 5. >> all right. thank you. and the celebrations will continue through wednesday when san francisco hosts a parade. start at the base of market street. the team will eventually make its way through civic center plaza. keep tuned for all of the giant's celebrations. 6:41 right now. a fire in san jose posed a challenge. >> this was pretty big. got to the building just before 4:00 this morning. a lot of smoke, a lot of flames. smoke pouring out of an abandoned gymnastics facilities. force their way through a secured gate. it was vacant and the fire is suspicious in nature. investigators still trying to determine a cause and still doing clean up as we speak. it is 6:41. one of the most
6:42 am
closely watched propositions in the election. >> how the campaign for prop 30 has taken a bizarre turn. ,,,, xo÷oxóñóxóxóñóxóp???h?÷ñ÷ñ÷ñ
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
no on 32. no on 32. >> bay area teachers are taking to the trains today in support of prop 30. the put california back on track campaign will last throughout the day and teachers plan to meet with educators up and down the peninsula and rally train travellers in san jose this afternoon. >> election day believe it or not is a week from tomorrow and governor brown's campaign for tax increase has taken a bizarre turn. >> examiners melissa is here to discuss and talk all about it. good morning.
6:46 am
>> good morning. >> tell us the latest. >> reporter: probably seen the commercials for proposition 30. that's the tax increase jerry brown is pushing. and in those commercials, he talks about cuts to state funding he's made since he wants voters to believe our tax dollars are being spent wisely. here's a clip. and notice the mention of cuts to cars. >> jerry brown cut phones, cars, travel budgets and state commissions. >> and well, yes, the governor's budget did cut cars for the fiscal year. but recent -- cost $750,000 so far this year. the investigation also showed employees using those fancy rental cars to do personal errands. so this report comes out and last friday at the state
6:47 am
wise meeting jerry brown was there and asked about this report. here's what he had to say: quote, there are 300,000 employees in the state of california and like to watch overall of them. but i think only god can accomplish that. >> how did that make everybody feel? better? no? >> i don't think it made anyone feel better. that 300,000 number includes supervisors, managers and department heads whose job is in fact to watch overstate employees. may also explain why brown even quoted the bible at that event. >> do you think brown thinks he's at war? >> he's definitely in some trouble. last week for the first time, support fell below 50%. clearly getting desperate. unknown group of donor s has given $11 million to an opposition group and that group
6:48 am
is threatening to tank. brown said and i quote, i don't know where these people are from because they are hiding. they are wearing masks and quote, remember the people who like to run around in hoods because they didn't want people to see who the hell they are. >> yeah. not good. what was the response to that? >> there was no reported immediate outrage. but remember, that story can change as this all gets out. told an naacp meeting in virginia that romney's economic plan would put yal back in chains, quote. brown denies he was referring to the kkk which no one believes. on twitter, several people have offered suggestions about what hooded people he might have been referring to including the monk's from harry potter. >> a lot there. okay. thank you. >> thanks so much for having me. >> you can find more of
6:49 am
melissa's segments on wall street gets an unexpected day off thanks to hurricane sandy. >> no holiday here. i guess a quiet day for you. >> good morning. this doesn't happen very often. last unscheduled closure of the stock market was 9/11. and the last weather related was back in 1985. doesn't look like we'll have the markets tomorrow either. as a result, a lot of companies have postponed earnings reports. washington still pumping out economic reports including one on consumer spending which did show a nice pick up in september. a gain of 0.8%. personal incomes were also on the rise by 0.4%. best gain there in several months. and we have seen pick up in the last several months helping lead to overall gross
6:50 am
domestic product compared to 1.3% in the second quarter. one stock to watch out for this week will be facebook. post ipo lockups expire putting 270 million shares into the public. several hundred million shares we released over the next several weeks. that could put a lot of pressure on the company's stock with positive earnings support rose 19%. back to you guys. >> employees will have to wait one more day. >> probably. maybe two. >> jason brooks, thank you. >> 6:50. time for what's coming up later. >> charlie rose joins us bracing for that big storm. >> good morning. from all of us here in new york to all of you in san francisco, congratulations on the giants. >> thank you. >> i got the orange tie on today, charlie. we had a big night last night.
6:51 am
>> you just made them -- it's embarrassing how easy it was for you. >> the pitching was unbelievable. >> absolutely. >> all good. >> we have a storm to talk about. we have corespondents along the east coast. the nation's largest city is shut down. john miller is at the nypd's emergency command center. inside look at how they are dealing with this. plus 8 days to election day. we're with both candidates as this storm disrupts the campaign. that and more when we see you at 7:00. >> all right. thank you so much. and cbs this morning starts at 7:00. >> can you imagine if this storm hit next week at election day. >> they are going to be cleaning up for this. probably going to affect the election. hurricane sandy is headed toward the eastern sea board. bring with it stormy conditions. could come on shore later on this evening. locally, patchy dense fog out
6:52 am
the door and looks like it is going to lift into the afternoon. foggy start for many of us with some of the visibility less. sunshine creeps in and mild temperatures outside. and chance of spooky showers. high pressure in place right now. storm clouds to the north. we're going to stay dry for now. we have a storm system off the coastline. likely to bring clouds our way into halloween. we start out the day with patchy fog early on. not a bad day into tuesday. here comes those clouds in toward halloween. the good news is looks like it will hold off for the most part through the evening hours. late thursday night or wednesday night, actually brings chance of showers. for today, we are looking at those temperatures. sunshine in the afternoon. 60s toward the coastline. east bay, low 80s there. and inside the bay find those temperatures in
6:53 am
the 60s. mid 70s in toward santa rosa. next couple days staying dry. a chance of showers in toward halloween. check on the roads now. >> thanks, lawrence. spooky fog moving in all across the bay area and you can see all of our traffic cameras. southbound 101. the drive though is still free and clear. no delay down towards the waldo grade and the golden gate bridge. you can see all the dense fog. all streets are back open around at&t park. they had king street shut down. once again, right around 6:00 this morning, they reopened everything. now you are good to go all across that stretch. fog across the golden gate bridge. you can see it heading toward the toll plaza. a quick look at the bay bridge. the metering lights are on now. delays growing towards the 880. that's a check of your time-saver traffic.
6:54 am
back to you guys. >> time now is 6:53. coming up a final check of top stories. >> including the look of the damage from rowdy giant's fans left over last night. come home from detroit t,,,,
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. 're bringing anothe san francisco giants come home from detroit this afternoon. >> and they are bringing home another world series championship with them. ryan scoring the winning run in the 10th inning. and surgio finished off in the 10th. win it 4-3. i love his reaction. san francisco will honor the giants with a big parade halloween morning at 11:00 on market street. >> some people used the occasion as an excuse for
6:58 am
vandalism. fires were set last night in the mission district. not all the fans celebrated like that. >> this is video just a short time ago from ocean city, maryland where hurricane sandy has caused significant damage to a downtown pier there as the storm moves on to the east coast. the storm's center is expected to hit the midatlantic coast sometime tonight. >> big one. >> big storm making its way on shore. dense fog around the bay area early on. a little thick but by the afternoon, 70s, 80s inland. 60s out toward the coastline. the giants coming back on halloween. showers not until late. >> westbound 580 getting busy. drive time, 25 minutes coming through the pass. metering lights on, on the bay bridge. >> when you go outside, or you pick up the chronicle.
6:59 am
going to say giants sweep. >> have a good morning. ,,,,,,

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